In recent times, many people have stopped colouring their hair with traditional dyes

and are looking at non-chemical alternatives like henna. They want colours that contain no parabens,  but is it healthy to dye dreadlocks with henna? This plant-based dye has been around for centuries and with the popularity of the green movement, it has once again come to the forefront!


People who normally colour their hair, have become

concerned with the amount of chemicals listed on the back of products.  There is so much information in the media about this, clients are exercising caution and asking for “natural products”. Product companies saw this trend and have presented more natural-based products on the market but some people are still not convinced.  For those wondering is it healthy to dye dreadlocks with henna, it is healthy in the sense that it is made with no chemicals. However, what you need to know is what type of henna product you are going to apply on your dreadlocks.

Traditional henna is made from crushed plants

available in powder form.  It is mixed with water and applied to the hair. This is fine for normal brushed or combed  hair but if your hair is in dreadlocks, this is not good. The paste it forms cakes up and takes on a thick  mud-like consistency. If this gets into the dreadlocks it will be very difficult to totally remove. 

I would, therefore, recommend you look for henna that is available in liquid form on the market.  They come in various colours and offer good grey coverage too. It is easy to apply; there is no worry for too much chemicals and it washes out like traditional colours.  As usual, be sure to squeeze the dread when rinsing as the colour will tend to rest in that regrowth space at the scalp. 

If you follow the manufacturers guidelines and apply  a good conditioner, then you will not have to wonder if it is healthy to dye dreadlocks with henna.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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