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Often, while speaking to young women who have reached that ripe “old” age of 25

or have just had their first child, they will say they just found a grey hair!  They also confess to yanking them out with tweezers, but is it ok to pull out grey hairs? These woman are young, vital, enterprising females just starting careers.  These pesky greys, however, never seem to know this or even care!


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Over my career, I have reached a place where as a stylist I avoid pointing out grey hair to clients, especially female.  Men are less likely to care about going grey but more sensitive to balding. Females are more likely to freak out about the grey as thinning is less common.  Discovering a grey hair has created several scenarios from touchy to outright bawling. You never know what the reaction is going to be so you learn to tread with caution.  I have the odd client who tries to be slick and wants a count of how many greys they have. I respectfully ask if they are planning to colour? Use a colour wand?  Anything to deflect the question.


Then, there are the pluckers.  The problem being they will pluck anything that happens to be

in the immediate vicinity of a grey hair!  For those who have the grey showing up in the front, it is even worse. When is it ok to pull out grey hairs?  Never! What if all the front of the head was grey and you kept plucking the hairs as they came in? A few of my clients had this obsession which they had to correct because the hair started growing less and was messing up the hairline.


For the first offence I scold but if they continue plucking I get very frank and describe in plain terms what happens when you keep pulling your hair out.  I think of plucking like waxing, it is done with a sharpe metal but the result is the same over time.


If you have ever wondered is it okay to pull out grey hair, please consider colouring your hair whether in the salon or at home or buying a colour stick.  There are also numerous temporary colour products available. Colouring products are available in liquid, powder or waxes and if you are skittish about chemicals, natural colour brands abound.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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