Wigs have been enhancing and saving women for

centuries.  In the last few years, there have been extensive advancements in making them appear so realistic that more people have been asking is it okay to sleep with my wig on?


If money is no object, you could find a wig that 

looks as realistic as your own.   No longer does one have to settle for a wig looking like it was raised from plastic. It can can be found in any colour, length, style and texture. For this reason, many people have been gluing, sewing, clipping and hooking wigs to their heads with abandon.  For most women it is a godsend, since it means they can delay actually dealing with their real hair. For others, it is fulfilling that fantasy of fuller or longer hair.



Many people who wear wigs, like to extend the experience and want it to stay attached for a long time. 

Whatever method is used to attach it, the client only wants to know they can leave it on rather than placing it daily.  There is nothing wrong in this but any wig that is left on for an extended period is going to get rubbed and stretched. The hair, whether human or synthetic is going to begin to show signs of wear. To stop this happening, I recommend

  • purchasing more than one wig so you can alternate them.  A human wig will definitely last longer since it can be conditioned, but then that will come to an end eventually.  Synthetic wigs become frayed and tangled with daily use and need to be cut to keep it looking fresh.
  • Combing out the hair on the wig from root to tip so it does not get tangled.
  • Get 2 wigs so you always have a spare unless you have many already.
  • Keep similar looks in wig choices so you do not always have drastic changes all the time, especially for people working in conservative offices.  A lot of the times ladies get “outed” because they are not consistent with their look and are offended when asked if they are wearing artificial hair.
  • Remove wigs regularly and wash hair separately.  
  • Many of the hair loss stories happen because people left wigs on too long and with the same area covered for years.  The scalp needs to be stimulated and open air.
  • If you have a problem with sweating or psoriasis, take the wig off and wash your head every week.  These are the two main scenarios I think you have no other choices.  


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If you take off your wig and clean your scalp regularly then you will not need to worry about asking Is it okay to sleep with my wig on .


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design