As women get more mature, the texture and colour of their hair changes and they tend to

start asking their stylist questions like  “is my hair too long for my age? As women we want to keep our youth but are subject to social pressures. These pressures dictate how we dress, associate and wear our hair.  Not many of them are able to ignore these stresses and so when they reach a particular age group usually the 40s and 50s, they conform to society’s norms.


If you were to notice any movies from 80s even 90s, you would see

that most of them had these mature ladies sporting short, sometimes cropped hairdos.  Ladies were schooled to chop off their hair when they got to their 40s and 50s as it was considered “right” at that age. I want to think that the idea behind this theory came about from long hair being associated with youth.  This myth is so ingrained in most women, that they automatically go for the big chop without any invitation.


When a mature lady comes to the salon and asks is my

hair too long for my age, I consider her looks and type of dressing.  If she can pull the look off, I am honest but will ask their opinion. I am not a believer in cutting off your hair because people say so but I also think the person’s comfort level is important. 

Long hair on a more mature lady needs to be cared for regularly.  If you decide to keep colouring it, it should be kept up and not left until there is a large grey patch.  If you keep it grey, a glossing and/or regular treatments and trims should be done. Styling the hair is completely okay too. A lot of mature ladies become discouraged because the texture of the hair has changed  and may have less volume. This is no excuse not to keep looking your best even if you are wondering is my hair too long for my age! 


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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