If you were not given hair like ‘Rapunzel”, and are wondering “is my hair too 

thin to lock”, we have great news!  Locs are still an option even if your hair is thin.  Granted, you will probably not have as many strands as some people, but it can still look good!

Having thin hair can make you feel hesitant to try some styles, with good reason.  For instance,

layering is mostly cautioned with thin hair as it makes it look thinner.  It is much better to get a stronger line as in a blunt cut.  Improving the look of thinner hair was the reason extensions were created.  You can add as many as you wish and no one needs to know but your stylist.  The nature of dreads adds that extra hair they need to grow stronger.

A few years ago, I had a client who had a full head of microlocs.  She voiced her concerns that her hair

was not growing after over eight years.  Of course, I ran down the checklist:

  • How are your eating habits:  lots of junk, relatively normal?
  • Vegetables?
  • Products used in the hair?
  • Sleeping regularly?
  • Covering the hair at night?
  • Stress?

She was doing all the right things.  Here was someone who checked

all the right boxes, yet her hair was thinning and breaking every few months. She had given up having longer hair and asking “is my hair too thin to lock”.

After observing her hair texture, and the feel of the locs, I felt that

her hair was too thin.  I advised her that the better solution was to join three or four of them to make them sturdier.  

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For the next several months as the joined locs grew together, there

was no further breakage.  One day she arrived for her appointment all smiles.  A stranger had told her she loved her dreadlocks.   Her hair grew to the middle of her back before she moved away. 

I outlined this story to encourage anyone who is thinking ”is my hair too thin to lock”.  It does not matter the number of locs on your head,  how healthy they look is what counts. 

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design