After describing the experience of once again having sea 

water in your hair, dripping down your face, someone asked is ocean water bad for your hair?  Seeing I was bleached blonde it was a reasonable question.  At the time though, I really did not care.  Clear blue skies, blue-green water and golden sand surrounded by lush almond trees has a way of reminding you what you are missing!

Whoever is asking is ocean water bad for your hair has probably spent a day at the beach and being lazy from soaking in the sun, not bothered to wash the sea water out.  Ocean water has a high salt content which dries the hair and leaves it a little smelly.  Some people like the smell–I think it is fine but I need to wash it when I get out.

If you leave the ocean water in your hair :

  • It will become dry and brittle if left in for a long time
  • It will bleach your hair out with the sun 
  • It smells, and the smell changes to something not so lovely over time.
  • The solution is to shampoo and condition the hair after swimming.  If you are in the water often, for say a week, a deep conditioning treatment when you get home is great to give the hair a boost.

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I came back to Ottawa and the weather still sucks, but I did not care!  I gave my hair some great conditioning, found some cozy clothes.  Is ocean water good for your hair?  no, but it sure feels good to just relax and enjoy the surroundings!


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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