Picture this:  you are wearing a sexy, new dress, hair

and makeup is on “fleek” to meet up with some old friends.  You grab a drink; they rain you with compliments and the loud one you don’t know pipes up “Is that your real hair?”  It takes you a minute to register what she said, never mind that the whole lounge heard the question.  Do you slice her in two with your new lashes or accidentally step on her toes with your stilettos?  No, that would be childish, instead you pretend you never heard the question and make a note to self to tackle her in the ladies room.  Is that your real hair?  Really?  


There are ladies we know who would calmly say “Yes ma’am, It’s mine because I paid for it” or smile tightly and say “I have extensions”,  just as there are others who would not take so kindly to being called out in public.  In the interest of keeping yourself from bodily harm, even if you feel someone is wearing extensions of some sort, keep it to yourself.   This is especially true if she is trying to connect with a suitor who she had tugging at the line before you opened your big mouth.

Somewhere in the late 2000s when social media took off,

having people know that you are wearing hair extensions became no big deal.  Nowadays, all types of extensions:  butt implants, eyelash extensions etc. have joined breast implants as the most sought after enhancements.  You have to be careful, however, with more mature ladies that grew up in the period that admitting to having extensions was taboo.  If you are a stylist like myself who has clients from both sexes, it is important to avoid booking males when they are having their hair done.


Ladies of African descent are well known for changing their hairstyle on a regular basis.  If you are a friend, make sure you are on that comfortable level before you go asking a question like “Is that your real hair”–it is probably best to compliment it and let her take you in her confidence. 


 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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