Sometimes along the loc journey, some people find they need a loc comb out and

resize.  This may not be because they messed up, it happens.  It is just as someone who purchased a ring at 20 years old has to have it resized at 40.  Time adds up and change is a natural occurrence.

A loc comb out and resize can occur for several reasons, e.g.

  1. The locs were small when they were started and now the roots are unable to hold them
  2. The sizes of the locs are random:  an extra-large loc here; a tiny one there.   
  3. The client might wish to have all of the dreads looking more of the same size
  4. There is breakage or hair loss and resizing will cover the short spots better
  5. If it makes better sense to comb the dread out to make the parts look better. 
  6. The client wants them redone.

In a normal appointment, a loc comb out and resize is done on a “need to” only basis.  Combing out a dread can take a bit of time, depending on the method used to do it and how long it has been in that state. If you have to do quite a number of them, you will need more time so book accordingly.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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