If you saw my Facebook page recently, you would see I

tried wearing false eyelashes in an effort to see how it felt and to keep looking good while working from home.  The eyelashes were fine after an hour or two, but I am such a tomboy, it felt effortful to lift them! Granted this was my fault. I did not go for simple or natural, I went for long, glam and flashy!



You should know that they are now sitting on my stuff somewhere looking like a short hair piece and

I have not felt the urge to put them on again yet.  I put them on because like any sensible girl, I fantasize about being a “Real Housewife” too. I remember watching Falcon crest and The Young and The Restless as a child, and wondering how Mrs. Channing and Nikki managed to have full makeup  and dress up 24/7. It stuck in my head that I should live like that so I made an effort to dress well, even if I was only hanging out at home. The people around me made comments but I did not care, as far as I was concerned, I had an estate not the middle-class environment around me.


I brought this up because I see memes and posts by

people about how they are not winning at how to keep looking good while working from home.  Usually, Day 1 up to Day 5, they are fine, but check them Day 7 it’s a complete disaster! You cannot allow this to happen to you!

Facial recognition is not just for security at high end research facilities, it is for your brain too.  Your

mind needs to recognize you, so please, get up and fix your hair and do your face as you would each day if you were going out to work.  Dress up in something you could go to the mall in minus the shoes. It is important for your mental health and for others around you that you survive this quarantine!

So far I have done five things I never had time to do while I was working, including adding extensions to my hair.  I got compliments which means I have succeeded in my quest to keep looking good while working from home.


Still on lock down! Go Figure!  But When it lifts, You Can Call Us At (613) 789-2179 If You Are In The Ottawa, Ontario Area.  Be Safe!