In a hair salon, you may sometimes be tempted to make decisions for   

someone else.  The client has come in for a change or a total makeover.  You are very excited because you could possibly have found the solution to world peace.  Right?  Wrong!

At the beginning of my career, I was excited to build my clientele.  I would be so eager to please, I fell

for the “I can’t decide’, why don’t you decide” clients.  This is the one thing they never told us to be on the lookout for at school.  These statements in themselves are simple.  They give you clear instructions to “do whatever you like to my hair”.  What it does not say, but is the most important feature, is “I still reserve the right to make changes to your decision”.

You are asking yourself why this is important.  Well, here is a list of things that will go wrong in this 


  • The client still has the final say on what you have done to their hair.
  • If they hate it, you may have lost a client.
  • You might learn that this “nice” client is a candidate for the “most contentious” award.
  • You will also learn that the client was just having a problem deciding what they wanted done.  The minute you announce that you are finished, they will have changes.  These changes usually involve changing the whole look. 
  • In the end, they will go back to the style they came in originally.
  • You will feel stupid because you wasted all that time.
  • Hopefully, you did not run into your next client’s appointment in the time you tried to fix the “mess” you made.

When making decisions for someone else in the salon setting,

always remember:

  1. Do a consultation before you start.
  2. Ask for a picture; it is worth a thousand words.
  3. If the client’s hair cannot manage the style chosen, say so.  Diplomatically, of course.
  4. If you make the change and they want changes, do not take it personally. If you took them from say, a dark brown to a blonde, the first couple of days are scary.  Give it some time.

There are always challenges when making decisions for someone else.  Remember to involve them and it will make the transition much smoother.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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