I cannot be the only one who has an issue with the amount of time needed 

of unwanted facial hair.  Yes, men have told us it’s involved but that is their thing. They have beards, they shave. If they let it go for a bit, people understand.  Women do not have the same freedom. You let two weeks go by trying to maintain your mental health and bam! All these hairs start appearing in random places that never happened before!


Hirsutism, the fancy term, is the name for excessive hair growth.  It is quite common, so no, you are

not a freak of nature.  It’s just that sexy people book regular times with their esthetician.  You would only know there is a problem if they can’t get to them.  This lockdown is a perfect example. 


I have tweezed a few chins, in addition to eyebrows, in my time. 

It can become essential during a regular hair appointment.  No normal hair stylist  should let her client leave with stray hairs.  After a tweezing session with me, they are really motivated to see their regular esthetician.  After all, there are less painful ways like waxing and threading in the management of unwanted facial hair.


Still in Lockdown.  Will let you know next opening date.  Be safe!

For some reason, the management of unwanted facial hair is not a problem in normal times.  To keep it under control in this weird time, one needs to do a weekly check.  We are all being good so things can get back to normal so we can indulge ourselves in some extra personal care.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design