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If you read any books

on finance, real estate or health, you will almost always find the statement “millenials likely will be the first” somewhere.  They have a long list of firsts which, as a member of a previous generation, makes me so jealous.  They have all these options that were not available so many years ago, of course the millenials likely will be the first to do amazingly well despite the circumstances.  Conversely, there are also things they will have like living longer, which I translate to mean they will have to take really good care of their looks!

Speaking of firsts,

what I find astounding is how they have dramatically changed the hair game.  Among their accomplishments are the following:

  • They made dreadlocks another accepted hairstyle for the office.   Many souls were destroyed trying to do this; the millenials just said I want to have choices, and they did.  They showed those stuffed shirts of old that your hairstyle should not be used to define you!
  • Colour both in hair and in extensions are everywhere.  Before, you would have been labelled “weird” or “different”.  Now, everyone wears colour, young and old.  They singlehandedly made grey hair on young people popular, go figure!
  • A few years ago, admitting to having hair extensions was asking to be ridiculed and your business food for the grapevine.  They wear anything and it’s an instant hit.

I could go on about what they did for the tattoo industry or people with disabilities etc., but you get the picture.  One great thing they have taught us is to be more inclusive and get rid of old ways of thinking.  I am excited to see where they will take the hair industry of the future so I am sitting back and enjoying the ride!

By Paula Barker,

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