Every now and then, you get that “dreaded”

phone call from a frazzled parent telling you “my daughter cut her hair short!”.  What are we to do–things have apparently fallen apart and the world is ending! The child no longer looks normal and something has to be done ASAP before she can be allowed to join regular society.  Here is evidence that you are a bad parent!


I decided to write on this subject because

yesterday, I had a six year old whose mom threatened to cut her hair, she was screaming so much.  I wasn’t pulling or anything, she started the minute I touched her hair. When the threat was issued, she was just as vocal with a “No!”. I thought it was such a difference when compared to my other little misses, whose moms knew better than to make such an interesting offer.  Cut my hair off? When? Can we do it now? Can I make it blue too?!


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It is the fault of all these toys available for kids now.  It is also the fault of all those cool parents who let their kids have cool hair.  If you see scissors in your play kit and you saw your mom get her hair cut at the salon, what’s a little girl to do?  Forgive me if I find it super funny–the looks of horror on the moms’ faces are the best! As usual, the dads don’t care.  They, like myself, also know to make the appropriate noises without actually agreeing to anything or throwing the child under the bus.


Anyways, if the girls cut off the bangs, or a ponytail. it grows back.  I think at this age it is just a phase. Talking to the child about not doing this again is all you should really do.  My one client knew her daughter loved to have her hair straightened and refused to allow this until the hair grew back.  That took care of that!

It is quite normal to hear my daughter cut her hair short at the salon. The solution is not to let it bother you, just take her in to get it looking funky or at least closer to normal.  This is a subject you can amuse your co-workers with for hours and use as a bargaining chip for future slip-ups

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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