When you see pictures of other people’s dreads do you think:  my dreads 

are loose and frizzy and theirs aren’t!  Welcome to the world of dreads.  It is not a difficult world, just one that requires dedication.  Back in the day, you could have let yourself delay retwisting your dreadlocks.  Now, there is the internet.  All these influencers and pins are constantly reminding you to step up your hair game!


Often people are misled by social media.  They see people with their dreadlocks neatly done every

time.  The feeling is that they woke up like that.  Three weeks after starting their dreadlocks, they ask:  why are my dreads loose and frizzy and his/hers isn’t?  That picture on social media, was a moment in time.  Most of those people spend a few hours on their hair, every week,  to achieve that look.


If your dreads are loose and frizzy, you have to redo

it yourself or pay someone to do it.  (If “neglect” dreadlocks are your thing, ignore the previous statement.)  Every 3 weeks, the hair starts a growth program.  Around this time, you have to tighten the roots of the dreads by whatever method you choose.  Frizz is normal but can make you look untidy if you do not take control of it.


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If low maintenance was your plan when you got dreadlocks, learn to at least palm roll. The hair does not behave right away, but over time you will not have to ask “how is it my dreads are loose and frizzy?”

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design