I decided to let out the secret to achieving

all those abandoned new year’s resolutions:  organize your life!  Why make all these grand plans only to see them fall by the wayside as the months go by?  I had this challenge for a bit and then decided life was too short to keep score.



While browsing YouTube one day,

I happened on a motivational speaker called Lisa Nichols, who I had not seen before.  In one of her talks, she said that you get to go all the way to 9,999 and then press the reset button if you did not get where you wanted.   A lot of people need to do this daily so that they can reconstruct their lives.

So if you have been mistreating yourself

  and your hair, resolve to take better care this year.  Stop wearing those wigs/weaves all the time and letting your hairline break.  Get  regular deep conditioning and comb the hair more often so the scalp gets stimulated.  Stop saying that you want your hair to grow but refuse to cut the ends because of old beliefs.  And, stop getting your hair done by unknown people who are trying to make a quick buck and then complaining that they broke your hair.

Some of my male clients

expressed concern at the number of artificial things ladies can wear nowadays.  They can’t keep up!  I say, at least try to have the hair, in case of a crisis and you have to remove everything.  Make that New Year’s Resolution:  Organize Your Life.  Cheers!



By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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