I took a week off because I decided to start the year with only the good 

stuff.  I had to.  New Year’s Eve 2021 was supposed to be the end of all these breakouts. I was going to party and eat great food and meet friends.   But no, there was another thing and so it ended quietly again.  Mainly, these lockdowns have revealed another side of the beauty that wants to do only the good stuff.

In the last two years, I have seen more people with knotted hair than ever before.  Many of them

would not normally come to my salon.  They came there because many salons refused to help restore their hair.  When lockdowns occur, many people experience breakdowns, breakups or stress from losing jobs or isolating from friends.  Has the beauty industry suddenly decided to work with only perfect people?  If you have an interruption in your mental state, are you supposed to shave your head because no salon will take you?

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Sometimes you cannot untangle the hair but at least you tried.  Sometimes they become your regular client anyway.  It is not doing only the good stuff that pays in the hair industry.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design