Since the quarantine, many people, especially ladies, have become easy 

targets for ordinary mishaps and inevitable catastrophes.¬† Granted, they did not go out looking to get in trouble but with the quarantine measures, many are missing their favourite beauty habits!¬† I just read a sad post by a “husband” who said he was not prepared to meet his “real” wife.¬† The poor woman had so much work done with hair, botox and facials, the cracks were beginning to show.¬† Unfortunately, some of the work requires the knowledge and products of professionals and they are quarantined too!


Take for instance, having your hair coloured, dreads or hair extensions.  So many posts, texts

and memes detail the stress of looking good on Zoom calls and face time with boyfriends and co-workers. Hair and skin upkeep is 90 percent of the mishaps and inevitable catastrophes for:

  • Those who had successful careers as blondes that now have to scramble to cover those greys!
  • If you wear hair extensions, the 3-week tightening period has gone
  • Dreadlocks have¬† 2-month roots and climbing
  • Bangs have become protective covering like camouflage
  • Nails are turning into claws or else have fallen back to teenager years
  • Heels have hardened and might require carpentry equipment to lower them
  • Eyes no longer stand out unless you had backup supplies
  • Natural eyebrows finally had a chance to come back¬†
  • Waxing, ooh!¬† Shaving anyone?


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I am drooling waiting for the stories I will hear about people who accidentally cut off bangs, dreads,

bought the wrong colour or left the hair product on too long.  There are instructions, but being human, we think we know everything.  

I have had to do a lot of adjustments myself to avoid these ordinary mishaps and inevitable catastrophes.  You never appreciate the people who do such services for you until you try doing it yourself.

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design