Every now and then there emerges from the fold,

a brave soul who decides to return to perming hair after being natural.  They have championed the natural hair movement and bought the requisite products to release their curl.  They have moisturized, defined and mastered edge control but after a few years, the work involved starts to wear even the most motivated travellers.

Believe it or not, some ladies are scared

to inform their fellow “nappy” friends when they want a break from natural.  They covertly make the hair appointment so friends have no opportunity to stop them from talking the plunge.  They tell me “I have had it with this journey.  It takes me too long to fix my hair in the morning!”  They just want to be able to comb out the hair in under 48 hours; blow out their hair for an event without fretting about rain in the forecast or be able to wear extensions with a natural part. 

Being a hairstylist I have seen the levels of pain some people with thick, coarse and long hair go through.  Many people mock and pass judgement when they go back to the “creamy crack”  but don’t do this unless you have walked a mile in their shoes.  There are alternatives of course but when has the human animal been known for not choosing the known way out?  Usually the return is short lived because most women go from natural to permed and back on the regular. 

Just remember if you choose to relax,

weekly deep conditioning is necessary along with regular trims after each treatment to maintain hair health.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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