Recently, I had a conversation with a gentleman who was obviously practising self

care while job searching during covid.  The gentleman asked a favour and I was surprised at his request, at first.  After thinking about it, I realized how important it is to be practising self care while job searching during covid.

Not only do we have to be wearing masks, washing hands and using hand sanitizers more

often, practising self care now covers the whole look when job searching.  For example, you may have to show up in person for some interviews.  What is the potential employer looking for:  someone who presents well to clients.  Before, many people could manage to do this relatively easily, but with the closure of many not-for-profits, it is not so easy.   Also, for you to access some of the services, they are all online, and if you would normally access these from the employment office or library, these are also closed.


Now, practising self care while job searching during covid

with no access to computers means showing up in person to places hoping to be granted an interview.  You may not have an income because you are new to Canada, so qualifying for some benefits are difficult.  If you are like most immigrants, how you look is a large part of your self esteem.  When we were at home, most of us were in well-paying jobs. Our economies ate at our lifestyle, but we could still manage to get our hair done.  Now, covid has struck everywhere, and we are counting pennies as we try to manage our government allowance.


If you are having challenges with your hair, you may have to invest in some gel, covered bands, bobby pins, dollar store hair colour and possibly trim your own bangs.  This is a temporary situation and you will survive practising self care while job searching during covid.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks hair Design




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