Quite a few people have told me they would dearly love to color their hair but were scared the hair would break.  They tell me of horror stories when they attempted during their teens and I have seen a few people come to get a chop after a botched job.  The question is how do you prevent breakage after you have bleached your hair. ( At school we are taught not to use the word bleach, so if you call me and I say ‘lighten’, it means the same thing just nicer.)  Here are some preventive actions you can take to ensure this does not happen:

  • Get it Done Professionally:  I have to say this even though there may circumstances that prevent you doing this like lack of time or you feel like experimenting.
  • Buy Great Products:  the products you buy must be geared to provide deep moisture to the hair.  A masque is always great after a shampoo as it restores the elasticity of the hair.
  • Avoid Using A Hot Iron Often:  I advise using a hot iron up to the 2nd day only.  This will not apply if you have used hairspray or any kind of gel as the iron will become struck and cause breakage when it is reactivated.
  • Have Deep Treatments:  get 10 minute deep treatments all during the time the hair is colored.  More so if you have gone a much lighter color than normal.
  • Trim Your Ends:  have your stylist trim the ends of your hair after lightening the hair so they have a strong base to prevent split ends happening later.
  • Instant elasticity Restorers:  these are products available in salons that instantly give the hair’s integrity a boost should you try it yourself and the hair is frazzled.
  • Try a Wig:  I suggest you try a wig before putting your hair through the punishment of going 4 stages from your natural color and coloring it back dark the next day.  Going lighter after you have always had your hair dark can be scary so do a trial run on a wig before committing.

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