When you go on holiday, normally you have a  set time, like seven days.  If 

you are able to take more time, however, you open yourself to problems caused by idling.  I mean, who does not want extra time?  Many of us spent our whole lives wishing we could take more time off, and then came a pandemic.


In the three months I have been stuck at home, I have learned a lot about problems caused by idling. 

For example,

  •  changed my hair colour and when it was done, hated it.
  •  braided my hair;  found the weight was too much; took down four hours of muscle-building work;
  •  watched  television for two days; now I fall asleep each time a movie starts.
  •  Cooked new things but ended up eating them by myself because my roommates are food cowards 
  • Opening social media now means mothering myself by setting a 30 minute time limit.   



 Exciting news! Dreadlocks, A Hairstylist’s Manifest is now in paperback on amazon.com.  I would appreciate your support.  Thank you.

The problems caused by idling are not always bad though.  Now I am able to identify when I am over budget on the idling part.  This break has given me time to learn a computer program and finish my books in paperback:  “Dreadlocks, A Hairstylist’s Manifest” is out.  “Talking Hair” should be out shortly. You too can overcome the problems caused by idling, if you manage your time effectively.