Last weekend there was

another celebrity wedding where what can only be called a royal wedding veil*** was evident.  Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas in spectacular form at a castle no less, and all the world gorged on pictures of the nuptials after the fact. 


The bride wore

her hair in a high bun with the front left loose. Her clothes and makeup were, of course, elegant as she walked down the aisle.  If you did not know of her and had suddenly come upon the pictures, you would be forgiven for thinking you had chanced upon another royal wedding. 


I am supposed to report on her hairstyle etc. how ethereal her look etc.  but honey, I was too interested in her white traditional dress*** and that royal wedding veil.  Mr Lauren made an exception to design this one and boy did he do it justice.  That dress sat on her like white on rice.  It was trendy and classy, and I was lapping it up.  The veil could have covered a small two-bedroom house so warranted the setting.  Somehow, I feel it would not have worked if it were shorter. 

I love wedding veils

but never considered long ones because (a) that fabric is not cheap and (b) it would probably not fit elegantly in my church aisle!  Also, I am not a fan of numerous bridesmaids–to many personalities to handle. But, with the recent surge of royal wedding veils from Kate and Megan, and now Priyanka, I think ladies might be revisiting this idea. 


By Paula Barker,

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