Often I see clients who have problems with their dreadlocks because they 

have run out of room to grow.  In my book “Dreadlocks, A Hairstylist’s Manifest”, it was pointed out that I ask clients who just made dreads to come in for the first three months. Some people might feel it is a money grab and others that they can manage well on their own but this is an important time in the locking journey.


At whatever length dreads were started, I like to have clients come in to see how they are progressing.   

At this point I want to see:

  • If the roots area is enough
  • are the dreads too thin
  • how well are the dreads holding together 
  • what has the client done that might cause a challenge later e.g. putting them in styles that cause thinning along the shaft.


After the three-month period, it is usually okay

for them to stretch the maintenance period as long as they wish.  If they are not handy, then I will want them to come back every month.

When they don’t come in after the first appointment, they do after a year because the dreads will run

out of room to grow.  Imagine a small area for one tree to grow.  The space is just enough for it to spread and grow strong.  Imagine you put five more trees in that section.  All the trees will grow with stunted branches, some will die and maybe one will be strong.  It’s the same idea with dreads, if too many of them are not given enough root area, they will run out of  room to grow!

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Whether you have micro, medium, large or free form dreads, you still have to ensure they have enough space so they do not run out of room to grow.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design