Past concerns with  its chemical makeup had people asking how safe was keratin straightening.  Keratin straightening is used  to make the hair more manageable. It allows clients to remove curl without applying a chemical to change the hair structure permanently. Clients can expect to cut their blow drying time in half after having the treatment done.

A few years ago there was some concern about the presence of formaldehyde in the formula. Hairstylists who used the former formula reported side effects after prolonged exposure. The government subsequently banned its use and a new formula was introduced. The new keratin treatments have no formaldehyde and smell better too. They may not have the same longevity but they do the same job.

Clients with really curly or frizzy hair will find this product a great help. The curl pattern will be much looser making it easier to blow dry. Washing the hair means the hair will not form knots as readily which reduces the drying time. In order to maintain the product in the hair, keratin based products are recommended for weekly maintenance.

Some clients have expressed concern regarding the retouch. During the treatment, a flat iron is used to seal the product in the hair. Clients have asked how this part of the service affects the previously treated hair. A professional hairstylist would know how to combat this so there should be no need for concern as only the new growth would require more passes of the iron than the rest of the hair.

In order to keep the hair in optimum state, timely maintenance of the hair is required. Waiting too long between treatments causes the curls to be uneven. Color should be done before or it will not process properly.

Keratin treatments are safe and great for the summer with its high humidity!


By Paula Barker,

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