The last week has reminded me once again of the importance of safety and

emergency supplies.  A tornado swept through Ottawa and left half the city in darkness.  The other half were not aware of the destruction that went on until they watched social media.  It put those of us who were affected in a constant state of limbo. Living by barbeque almost burnt off my eyelashes and cooked a couple fingers.  We eventually joined the desperate first world survivors at Tim Hortons.  After a long wait, hope turned to disbelief:  What do you mean Timmy’s ran out of food?! 

My last client on Saturday got soaked when the tornado struck.  Literally dripping.  We had to come up

with creative ways to dry her clothes.  I left downtown later where the lights were on and people were going on their normal lives to chaos and darkness where my home was.  I had to salvage what safety and emergency supplies I could find.  


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This taught me a lesson. Safety and emergency supplies are essential everywhere.  At the salon you have to

be prepared for anything that might pop up.  For example:

  • Extra gowns for client who get wet from services
  • Equipment to use in case the ones you are using break down
  • Rethinking other uses for some equipment e.g. the blow dryer for wet clothes
  • A source for generating electricity in case the lights turn off.

You never know when nature will have a tantrum.  Leaving things like having safety and emergency supplies until a disaster happens is silly.  We were standing like deer in headlights when the huge, empty shelves for barbecue equipment stood before us. In my home country, we would have gone on with our normal lives. But, we have become content because these things seldom happen here.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design