Have you ever had the most delicious food and rather than finish it, decided

to save it for later?  As kids, my siblings and I would leave the meat or chicken on our plate for as long as possible.  However, being too good at this sometimes ended with you getting ambushed and losing it all!


Everyone agrees this latest lockdown has been most damaging mentally.  Many of my clients with

dreadlocks say their hair is paying a great price.  I figure the powers that be figured keeping people “rough” limits dissent. How better to keep them inside?  In messages left on my voicemail, I hear panic from people whose dreadlocks left their roots. My message to them is what I say to you now:  save it for later.

Whenever you lose a dreadlock, save it for later.  Wash it, dry it completely and save it for later.  Repairs to dreadlocks are quite common.  Whereas I cannot help if you lose hair from bad nutrition, I can help with broken dreadlocks.  After this ends we will be able  to make you god as new if you save it for later. 

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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