In the last few years self care and work/life balance have become regular 

subjects in conversations.  Not only are we rebuilding our choices, finances, relationships etc., we had to do so while working from home or with adjusted circumstances.

I mentioned in my book “ Dreadlocks, A Hairstylist’s Manifest”,

the importance of your health and caring for yourself.  Well, I realize now that I have to be even more strict about this.  Gone are the days when I would work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and wake up to do it again the next day.  If I learned anything in the last two years, it is that working alone is not enough—you need to have fun too.  How many people have we heard of that saved up for years only to leave before they can enjoy themselves?

Hairstyling, like most professions, has its drawbacks, e.g.

carpel tunnel syndrome from same wrist movement, back issues from bending of slumping, foot problems from standing too long, to name a few.  I have to be mindful of these things every day.  Everyone should be aware of the drawbacks of their profession.

A few of the things I have to do to maintain self care and work/life balance are:

  • massages to relax.
  • Exercise to maintain weight
  • Time off to relax, that is not my regular day off.
  • Professional development to keep up to date with technology.

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Many people are on top of this but I have seen some stylists who like myself have not kept up.  Practicing self care and work/life balance is truly important.  If you find yourself not fitting into your clothes, do not just replace them.  Ask yourself what caused it.  In my case, I think being away for those long periods was pivotal.  However, I am on the rebound.  You should be too.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design