Setting age appropriate limits does not only apply to say movie or television

viewing.  It also applies to certain hairstyles.  It may seem strange to bring this topic up in a hair blog but with today’s FOMO parents, it is very necessary!  Growing up as children, many of us were expected to abide by certain norms.  There is clothing for children, food for children and games for children etc  Nowadays, older parents are  being called out as dinosaurs if they keep that same structure!

Parents who govern by what they see on social media have no concept of how to let their kids be kids.  They

want to be “cool” parents. In the afro-centric culture, hairstyles are normally dictated by the parents.  Most children know better than to ask for certain styles.  It could be trending in Heaven, and Jesus gave it a blessing, your mother will willingly pass on that blessing.  You may only escape if you grow up or go abroad to study.

As a parent, when your child requests a certain hairstyle, you

need to do your research, especially if it is not from your culture.  Notice the age group of the persons wearing that style or ask a friend or co-worker.  Most cultures govern even hairstyles by setting age appropriate limits.  For example:


  • Braids:  Children under 12 will likely have braids to their shoulders.  Teenagers (12-15) will likely have them mid-back.  Older than 15 may get to do the extra-long braids depending on how “modern” your parents are or the type of school you attend.
  • Relaxers/Other Chemical services:  This is not done on children until they are at least 16 years.  The chemicals in these products destroy the scalp and retard the hair growth by the time they enter their twenties. 
  • Weaves:  Are reserved for college/university ages. 
  • Color:  Sticking with semi-permanent products preserves the child’s hair.
In most  countries, children are not permitted to wear hairstyles that make them appear older.  This is not done to annoy the kids as some may think, but is a way of setting age appropriate limits so adults do not mis-identify them.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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