Over the last month, to stop boredom I decided one needs something to 

sharpen your professional skills outside work. Truthfully, by the third week of lockdown, I was climbing the walls!  I do not get bored easily, nor do I idle unnecessarily, but this time I was done.  My family started expressing surprise if I had the same hairdo after two days.

As a hairstylist, I reserve the right to change, colour or cut my hair whenever

I want.  I do not get to do crazy colours because of other commitments, but I think about it.  This month I did crochet braids, deep burgundy red and then blonde braids.  It was an interesting way to pass the time and sharpen your professional skills outside of work.   I learned to work from a mirror from my time working in a dental office. But, holding your hands up for hours like that, hurts. I admire those YouTubers and Instagrammers who do this all the time!

My advice to those of you who are having cabin fever, sharpen your professional skills outside work!  I grew tired of the “Wow! same hair today!” comments in my house and am now almost fed up with easy apple tart recipes!  Find what speaks to you and maybe after this is over, you will have another stream of income.

By Paula Barker

Silkie Locks Hair Design

In Full Cabin Fever Mode!  Will Gladly Let You Know When The Lockdown Ends!