Whenever a client gets dreadlocks, the common question, after you tell 

them to cover their head when they sleep is, “should I cover my dreadlocks when I sleep?”  So, you repeat “yes” several times while they tell you:

  • how hard it is to sleep with anything on the head; 
  • they have never had to do this before;
  • they get hot;
  • it won’t look cute ( for Instagram, significant other, possible beaus)
  • the list goes on, and on.


But, unless you twist your

own dreadlocks or have a live-in person who can retwist them for you, you cannot be asking should I cover my dreadlocks when I sleep.  There are hair wraps, scarves, bonnets etc. to help limit the fuzz, including using a satin pillowcase and with the quarantine still holding, you want to try keeping the retwists a bit longer.


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    Having something to cover your hair is important for the following reasons:

    • It limits lint and dust:  When lint or dust builds up in your dreadlocks, doing apple cider vinegar washes only will not take it out.  If you love to roll with beeswax, this step is essential because that thing attracts dirt like a magnet.
    • It limits fuzz:  Hair naturally has new growth daily but with dreads, it can get messy really quickly.  By covering it while you sleep or lay about, it lets these stray hairs stay down so you do not look like a giant ball of fuzz.
    • Your hair will stay moisturized longer because you are not laying on cotton sheets etc. that suck the moisture out.
    • Breakage is less because the hair is not in your way or will not get caught in something or under your arm.


    There are signs and rumblings of opening the economy but for the service industries, in this case hair stylists, we are not just going to be business as usual.  Therefore, as we await the grand opening , should I cover my dreadlocks when I sleep is  essentially, Yes!

     By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design