Many people who have stopped using relaxers and have gone “natural”

ask should  I straighten my natural hair? By straighten we mean blow it out with a blow dryer, not return to chemicals.  This question usually comes up because the natural hair has clumped up at the ends and has become hard to get a comb through.

Growing natural curly hair is relatively easy.  Combing it out on a daily basis is reserved for saints!

You may have been fortunate enough to have either had a mother

who schooled you into caring for your hair on a regular basis or had your hair pulled all your life so you no longer feel anything.  Many of the females I have met of African descent that grew up in Africa, told me they all had tiny afros while at boarding schools so they were not taught to care for their hair. Now as adults, they find caring for hair very frustrating, so they turn to braiding or wearing wigs or weaves. If they get tired of doing that, they just return to the tiny afros of youth.  Their Caribbean counterparts on the other hand, were taught to keep a regular hair routine so they won’t normally go that short. African Americans I also found would not care what happened to their natural hair as long as there was fake hair and glue available.


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If after you have been combing and fixing your hair for a period of time, you find that:

  • the ends of form a ball every time you comb them 
  • There are a lot of broken hairs on your clothes, the sink or floor
  • You have a huge ball of hair in the brush or comb every time you comb it
  • As soon as you style your hair, 5 minutes later it looks as if it was not done
  • The ends of your hair are straggly and uneven.
  • You get more hairballs than a cat
  • There are tiny dreads on your head you don’t remember making
  • should you make the mistake of not making plaits at the time of washing, you have one tangled mess of hair.   
  • Your favourite saying is “my hair doesn’t grow “  

This is when you should have a blowout and trim the ends at the salon!  

I know some of you will discount this and think, “that’s not possible” but try it once, and you will see that sometimes the answer to should I straighten my natural hair is a resounding “yes!”

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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