Tangled curly hair is usually difficult to comb out but you may be wondering,

when this happens, should I use an afro pick?  The afro pick has been a staple of the afro-centric community since the beginning of time.  It has been time tested – examples of it were found in ancient records.  It has been redesigned and produced in various materials e.g. wood, plastic and steel but the basic design remains the same.

Over the years, I saw that many people would come in with an afro pic and try to do a comb out just

before we got started.  The majority of the time, they had never attempted to comb through before.  The poor pick would struggle and usually stop half way through the bush.  Recently, after another feeble attempt at a comb out, someone asked the question:  should I use an afro pick?  The hair had been in braids and when it was taken out, they made the classic mistake of not combing it all out right away.  

When using an afro pick, it is important to know the following:

  • While the afro pick is used to comb the hair out, it is not a very good detangler.  The reason being, the teeth are too far apart to effectively comb through all tangles.
  • It is not recommended to put the afro pick in the root of the hair then ripping it upwards to pull it through, especially one made of metal.  Doing so causes hair breakage.
  • The teeth of the afro pick are usually not thin enough to aid in removing tangled ends.
  • The best time to use an afro pick is after carefully detangling with a wide-tooth comb.
  • The size of the afro pick you use should depend on the length of the hair.

If you are wondering “should I use an afro pick” when you want a puff of hair, you certainly should but be sure to take all the tangles out first.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

Books“Filling My Head”, Dreadlocks, A Hairstylist’s Manifest, Talking Hair.

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