I was once again asked ‚Äúshould you put conditioner on locs?‚ÄĚ while washing¬†

a client’s hair recently.¬† I have heard of and met people who say they were told never to do this.¬† I am always puzzled who came to this conclusion.¬† Perhaps from the way the dreadlocks are done, I am not sure, but this myth has to stop.¬†¬†


The hair strand has these things called follicles that resemble scales on a fish.  When you shampoo

the hair, it causes these scales to open.  Conditioner is  the product that closes them.  Therefore, if you wash your dreadlocks, you should condition them.

The more important question is how to condition them and these are some ways:

  • Buy or make a spray leave-in conditioner:¬† a spray is easier to absorb because of its watery consistency.¬† Many people make their own if they cannot find one that has a good scent.¬† Only a drop of certain oils like peppermint and eucalyptus should be put in the mixture because it causes dry scalp if too much is used.
  • I avoid using creme conditioners on dreads but If you are stuck, put a small amount in your hand and rub it out to a light coating on your hand before applying on the dreadlocks.¬† Rinse out while squeezing the dreads to get it out completely.
  • Some people like to use oils like coconut, castor oil or sweet almond¬† to moisturize their dreads.
  • Please note: you should avoid over conditioning during the first three months of starting dreads. This means using a conditioner only when you wash your hair.

I hope this helps¬† if you are wondering ‚Äúshould you put conditioner on locs‚ÄĚ.¬† People who do not tend to have more fuzz than normal. Your dreads need conditioner, oil or moisturizer to smooth and strengthen to allow them to grow.¬†¬†

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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