In the curly hair book of life, the one thing that will almost never happen is 

for a female to be caught sleeping without any head covering.  This world order has since been extended to people with dreadlocks.  Unless, of course, you are free forming or just have no regard for other people’s opinions of your life. 

I cannot tell you the many times I have had to explain this hard

fact to loc-wearing individuals.  Having dreadlocks is not a totally-free life, there are events that need to be controlled like frizz.  It is how life has been and will continue to be.  If you do not wish to increase your hair budget then it is best to cover your hair when you sleep.

People sleep at various times of the day because of their jobs, or

they get relaxed or they are exhausted.  I understand you are exhausted from working a double shift or you partied till the early morning.  However, you need to have your silk scarf, durag, bonnet or whatever silky thing you use to cover your hair beside your sleeping area when you get there.  There is no excuse for having messy hair since you know some people like to judge those who have locs.

Frizz and dreadlocks are close, inseparable friends.  No matter how fine you look when your hair is just done, frizz will show up the first day you forget to tie it down and go sleeping without any head covering.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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