Happy New Year 2020!  Time to make new year’s resolutions to finish stuff that you started or will

start this year!  One of the challenges most of us face: sticking to your word. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I slack off on the job aka resolutions and may or may not get back on it.  This is why I thought today would be a good time to talk about your hair goals.


While researching what subject to start the new year with, I 

came across many suggestions for new year resolutions on hair.  There were also many on sticking to your word and I had to agree this is the one that derails us humans. We decide that a change is necessary but one little snag and we throw in the towel.  

Sticking to your word when it comes to hair might be:

  • Including regular hair maintenance in your budget
  • Eating green-leafy vegetables regularly
  • Buying good quality hair products instead of filling up under your bathroom sink with many poor-quality ones.
  • Doing something different with your hair once in a while.


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These are of course suggestions.  You have to decide what speaks to you but when you do, try sticking to your word as any change requires work.  I have made a few resolutions of my own that motivational gurus say should be big so make sure yours are big and enjoy the bumpy ride that comes with sticking to your word.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design