I am still puzzled as to why  people won’t do the right things for their hair and

stop trying to take the easy out!  Before 2020, they were kinda keeping up, but now I find they have gone overboard.

Clients will usually confess their crimes if you ask the right questions.  My significant other once told me, (while we were in intense discussions), that I should have been a detective because I ask interrogating questions.  I do.  But it is because I do not condone foolishness.  If you decide to tell me anything, if I am in the mood to wrestle, be prepared to defend it.  .

With clients it is no different.  They will say their diet includes vegetables and all nutritious food.  From the

sound of it, they could be the poster child for any health magazine!  But with me, I ask for details, so the conversation will go something like:

Me:  “So, you said your hair is breaking/not growing, do you eat vegetables?”

Client:  “ Yes, I eat vegetables every day”.

Me:  “Okay.  What type of vegetables?”

Client:  Oh, (scratching head) I eat vegetables with every meal.  My hair does not grow.  I have been growing them for years.  It never grows pass my neck, etc”.

Me:  “But what kind of vegetables do you eat?” 

Client:  (Looking slightly alarmed. Where is she going with this?)  I have a salad every day!”

Me:  “What kind of salad? What vegetables are in the salad?”

Client:  (Sometimes now slightly offended) I have carrots, peas, lettuce?”

Me:  (Barely containing myself from saying AHA!)  “Do you eat any kale, broccoli, collard greens? Any green leafy vegetables? Lettuce does not count”.

Here, the conversation will end with them either confessing to not even having salads or as in one case, they said veggies were not entirely necessary because they had not seen any studies proving it.  At least we found the source of the lack of hair growth.


There are several other areas that I see people trying to take the easy way out like:

  1. Relaxers – to prevent having to comb and care for their hair.  They will be living in braids consistently but putting a relaxer the minute they are removed, only to put the braids back in the same day.
  2. Dreadlocks extensions:  Many of the lovers of this look, do it because they feel it frees them from having to do the hair.  Think again.  The hair has to be maintained just as regular hair.  There is no magical energy letting it twist itself.
  3. Haircuts:  Ignoring the uneven ends of your hair and the numerous broken hairs on your bathroom floor will not repair it.  At some point, you should get it trimmed or risk losing it all.
  4. Missing hairlines:  At age 20, pulling on your hairline to make your hair slick, presents no problems as you are young.  Fast forward to age 40, when the hair and you are older.  That slight tug on the hairline has now left a two-inch gap at the front of your face.  Many females see it happening in the early stages, but in an effort to take the easy way out, it is years later that they decide to do something to correct it.

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I really vented today,  but please look within yourself and  figure out how trying to take the easy way out will impact your life in the future.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design