Most of you probably want to 

know what the anxious leg bounce has to do with hair but  today a client and I were joking around and she gave me a challenge! Some time while we were doing maintenance on her dreadlocks, the sandals she was wearing fell off.   I remarked that I should talk about why this happened in my blog and she was game; even offered to put a “pic” on it!


It all started when she came in to 

have maintenance done on her dreadlocks and it had been a while.  For those of you who are familiar with dreadlocks, this is pretty much like clearing a jungle. She has long, gorgeous dreads, just not separated at the roots, and I like clear paths when I am working.  It was not long before clearing the roots took a painful turn and this is where the anxious leg bounce came about.


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If you do dreadlocks anything for a while, 

you are bound to see a variety of behaviours from clients under stress including the anxious leg bounce.  There are:

  • the eyes squeezed shut,  
  • The tight gripping of the chair 
  • the slight hissing sound, 
  • some yelling and requests for time outs. 
  • The pulling away until you are almost halfway over the chair.
  • Crying, but you will usually be told to continue because they have always wanted dreads!. 

 It is quite interesting to see what people will do for hair!


My advice is that you use your communication skills to the fullest, since it is probably the only thing that can get you through this difficult time.  The client wants to look her best when it is over even if she lost her sandals doing the anxious leg bounce.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design