Since the lockdown, being stuck at home has revealed more of  the challenges women face in their daily lives.  I recall the days women who stopped working to nurture their kids found it impossible to return.  Their years of working at home were dismissed as inessential in the workforce.  Many caved and accepted lower positions than their training.  Others never returned or became entrepreneurs running businesses such as Avon or Mary Kay.

Fast forward to the 2020s, the olden days are on replay.  Not

barriers to entry, just social distancing requirements.  Women, with families, are blowing up Facebook.  They can’t sit, have non-child/household related leisure time or get their hair done to get some me-time.  Wine jokes are far too regular.  The vote is split.  Women love being home and/or managing their kids but miss the politics of working at an office.


I miss working.  Crazy but I have concluded that being a

housewife will never be on my bucket list.  There is only so much washing and cleaning any human should have to do!  Even being a real housewife  was a passing fad.  They turned housewifery into an Olympic sport.  They are business people that have none of the challenges women face in their daily lives.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

Working on other stuff while we quarantine.  No firm reopening date as yet.