With clients slowly coming back, there are many questions on the common 

cause of flat locs. People known for excellent self care had no choice but to manage with what tools they had.  This is the first time the hair industry has seen this level of wild hair and the client was not having an issue!  They managed to keep the dreadlocks but a lot of them went flat.


The common causes of flat locs are:  

  • Sleeping with wet hair:  The hair must be totally dried after washing.  It is very soft and loses its shape if you sleep on it.
  • Not separating your dreadlocks regularly:  If you see them joining, peel them away from each other.
  • The hair is not maintained regularly.  If the roots of the hair are done, naturally you will do the shaft also.  You should palm roll if you notice your dreads flattening, unless you like it that way.  If not, they start sticking to those around and you could have one huge, flat dread.  


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If you wish to stop the common causes of flat locs, palm roll them while they are damp.  It will take some time and a lot of rolling but they will become normal with time.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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