Recently, while viewing some videos of people adding hair extensions, I was

“shook” (as my 18-20 year old clients would say) because they did not seem to know the importance of good judgement.  I saw ladies who had lost hair, obviously to glue, still having extensions glued to their heads.  Now, I am sure, like any normal human, you like looking great but you need to remember what can happen when you take shortcuts. 


For you to become a professional hairstylist, there  is a need to know the importance of good

judgement.  it means:

  • Asking clients searching questions through a good consultation.  People have selective memories, and unless you ask, they probably will not remember or choose not to tell you some things if they really, really want a certain style.
  • Being a good listener.  This means hearing what the client is not saying, like she was recently in the hospital for some weeks. So maybe the ultra light blonde highlights she wants on her hair should be done next year when her body recovers? 
  • Understanding what the client needs based on what you are told and what you have felt with your hands.  Touching the hair tells you so much, what better way to make a judgement call?
  •  Gain valuable experience.  This means attending hair shows; looking at videos or posts on the subjects relating to the profession; 
  • Offer suggestions and do what is best for the client.

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The importance of good judgement shouts to me every time I see ladies who often glue in hair; tight interlocking on dreadlocks; extra long braids on short, thin hair or ladies who wear weaves all the time and never take any breaks.  Years later, I see the results of these bad calls.  if you wish to have hair in your old age, the importance of good judgement is something you need to practice, now.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design