I take this opportunity to thank all my clients and readers because they 

never gave up hope after not one, but two lockdowns!  I have read and heard about ride-or-die relationships but never thought I would have one in business.  My audience has literally stayed with me through thick and thin!


During the first lockdown, I considered but wasn’t worried

about losing clients.  After all, we were all in the same boat so we made the best of it.  The last lockdown was totally different.  For the first time, I considered the possibility of having to permanently change professions, again.


Well, come February 16, it was a different story.  Clients showed up

with hair that were in dire need of combing.  Some came with dreadlocks hanging by a thread.  They tied up or pinned up the hair until we reopened.  Thank goodness for the “join without video option” for online meetings!  I told them my concerns.  How I thought most of them would resort to cutting off their hair and going short.  I got “are you crazy?” stares.  


They all assured me that they never gave up hope their hair would be restored.  Some even said they were waiting so I would decide the outcome.  They have been supportive and understanding.  As a business owner, you can’t help but be grateful and thankful for faithful clients.  

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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