Before you get that big chop, there are a few things to know before you   

cut off all your hair.  There are some Halle Berrys and Rihannas who can do this with no problem. The rest of us have to do a full before & after project with strategies for damaged expectations.


I was explaining to another client recently that chopping your hair off in the islands could lead

your neighbours to make serious assumptions:  like you have cancer or something.  In other places, e.g. in some parts of Africa, this is normal as this was mandatory for school.  In North America, it is more subtle. People would either think you are badass;  trying something new or your relationship ended. Hairstylists are used to women cutting their hair after a split.  We also know they return a week later for extensions so we give the usual warning.  The smart ones listen.  We usually don’t get many smart ones that are enjoying the breakup.


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Here are a few things to know before you cut off all your hair:

  • You will regret it, even for a short time.  The shock may even have you wig or extension shopping that evening.
  • It takes a while to grow back.
  • Before you decide, find a photograph of someone with your exact face shape. This includes celebrities.  You cannot choose it because that person is popular only, the shape should be the same. 
  • Consider how you will style it on your own.  Yes it is easier, but you will need time to get used to doing it.
  • Earrings are a must.  I have a pet peeve about ladies that wear the tiniest earrings then complain their faces look big.  Get bigger ones!
  • You might need to get smaller styling equipment and new styling products.
  • Get ready for the comments.


This list of things to know before you cut off all your hair is not all you should know.  You also need to know why you are doing it and be sure it is not based on battered emotions.

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design