ave you dreamt of the end of this quarantine and thought

this is how I am going to do my hair the next time I go to the salon?  I hope you are, because as much as I have somewhat enjoyed this gift of a month-long partially-paid vacation, I still want it to end.  For sole proprietors, taking a vacation means losing income, so I feel I came out on top.  Maybe you work from home so it is not the same, but this period may have benefitted you with less unnecessary spending, bonding with family, etc.


I am a planner by nature, so saying this is how I am doing to do my hair the next

time I go to the salon is normal.  Since it will be warm, and I will be able to go out freely, I think I have to do something wild.  Now, don’t get carried away, my wild still has to blend in with my other business venture which involves meeting people, but I feel I need to push the envelope.  I might do something in red maybe, blonde is something I have done frequently.


What will you do to your hair to celebrate your freedom?  If you are someone who has been

doing the same hairstyle for the last few years, try something new.  It does not have to be anything drastic, that would be scary! but take off an inch instead of the usual ¼ inch then.  Shock yourself by doing something different because you have to reclaim your power!


Whether it is going to be a cut, braids or some other type of hair extension, I am not quite sure yet but that is part of the excitement isn’t it?  Knowing you can walk into a store and wander around looking for nothing in particular without feeling scared or cautious? I am dreaming of the possibilities while I think this is how I am going to do my hair the next time I go to the salon!

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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