I know because of the lockdown, we have all probably considered wearing 

wigs on a daily basis for those online meetings.  I have my video off so often, when I do put it on, the others think there is a guest for a minute!  Being inside does not inspire me to do a full overhaul every day since I might not meet anyone other than my “pod”.  But let’s face it, if you do not fix your hair and face, your self esteem will suffer.

Firstly, if you are planning on wearing wigs on a daily basis, here are a few points you need to know:

  • If you are not adventurous and hate dealing with comments, get two wigs in the same style.    
  • Braiding the hair before putting on a wig is best care for your natural hair. 
  • A wig cap is good but I have seen people’s  wigs slip off so  I never use them.  I feel most people put the wig cap on feeling it automatically saves their hair. Wrong!  You still have to regularly care for your natural hair.  Removing your wig every 30 days is not considered caring!
  •  Wig caps are made of nylon usually.  This sucks all moisture from your hair.
  • If the wig cap hugs tightly on your head, you will have hair loss around the hairline.  
  • Wearing a wig constantly makes your scalp lose essential oxygen and stimulation.  If you have worn a wig (including weaves) for more than a six-month period, you need to give your head a month break.  It’s tough, but take it from a hairstylist who has seen some bald scalps, doing this helps to keep the thickness.  This does not mean you have to stop wearing the wig completely.  Do not glue or sew it so you can leave your hair out when at home.


The lockdown was extended.  We have crossed all our fingers and toes so we  open May something! 

Secondly, this lockdown is the perfect time to let your hair out if you were wearing wigs on a daily basis!

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design