It is Summer 2019 and extra long hair is back in fashion! 

For those of us who did not receive it naturally, a wig is a helpful alternative, but what do we know about wearing wigs on vacation?  Don’t you want to have that long hair cascading down your killer body to give all those social media shots a boost?


Unlike the past, wigs nowadays are not

only available in all colours, textures and lengths, they look so much more realistic.  When I see a woman with a wig that is stiff and too shiny, I am amazed! With just more careful research, you can find something that fits you.  There are too many companies making wigs for you to still have that 60s look going on. If you are wearing wigs on vacation, you want one that moves like the real thing!  And please, if it too much on your face, find a stylist to cut it to suit you!


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Still, wearing wigs on vacation is going to be a delicate operation.  Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while you are there:


  • Firstly, wind is not your friend.  If it starts to be windy, tie that baby down or put it in a ponytail.  If you have the added security of sewing it on, you could skip this step but wig clips are sometimes not enough.  I recommend sewing it anyway it case it gets entangled with something and gets pulled off.
  • Swimming is not recommended—at least not underwater.  If you must swim, try to keep your hair above water as much as possible.  Chlorine in pools and salt in the sea are both no no’s when you are wigging it.  If you get wet, you have to rinse well to get the smell out and dry your hair underneath.
  • When you sleep In wigs often, the ends become rough and frazzled whether it is human or synthetic.  Wrapping it while you sleep will delay this happening but you will have to trim it often to keep it looking fresh.
  • Remember, the weather where you vacation is probably warmer than where you live, and wigs become walking ovens in this case.  You do not want to be scratching  your head  trying to limit the itching caused  from sweating.
  • I like the idea of  bringing more than one wig as you can change it should there be any kind of accident like someone pushing you underwater.


  • If you challenge yourself and get one of those super long wigs, please try to look the part.  My pet peeve are people who wear ultra glam hair and neglect the makeup and all the other things necessary to show it off like nails and trendy clothing.  If you are going for the high maintenance look, you can’t come up short in any area.


Myself, I have tried wearing wigs on vacation and it drove me crazy not being able to go underwater in the ocean.  The whole idea is to have fun so, I found it worked better when I had my own hair out when we went swimming and did all the glamour later for dinner.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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