For most women, until they actually become a bride, they have no idea what is a wedding hair trial.  They have  booked the venue; chosen the colors; ordered the flowers, made seating arrangements; honeymoon? done!   You  have everything planned until it is time to choose the style for the wedding day. To help you understand how to handle this challenge, here are some things you should know:

Hairstyle vs Dress
  • Your hairstyle should always compliment the dress and enhance your beauty at the same time. ¬†An elaborate dress will most times look classier with a simple, elegant style and the opposite is also true. ¬†You can make a definite decision only by trying out the hairstyle before the day of and this is why a wedding hair trial is so important.
  • You may have to do a couple of trials to determine the perfect one but at least one trial is recommended. ¬†Wedding hair trials are treated like any appointment so schedule it like all your other things to do.
  • ¬†Having a picture of what your dress looks like will help the stylist give you sage advice.
Shows Open Diary with a pen
Shows Open Diary with a pen
Shows Open Diary with a pen

Things to Remember

There are a few things to remember when you choose your hairstyle:

  • if you plan to wear a jewel in your hair, say a tiara, you need to inform the stylist what type it is . ¬†I have had challenges with this when brides opt to put a tiara on the wedding day and it requires forcing the ends of the tiara into the hair or finding somewhere to plant a rounded tiara on a chignon.
  • You should inform the stylist what type of extensions you will be putting in your hair if any, and how it will be done. ¬†Many 7:00 a.m.s I have had to find additional hair to make a wedding hairdo look beautiful because the bride’s friend did her extensions.
  • ¬†A hairstyle looks better with only one area of interest. ¬†Limit the amount of jewels/flowers you will put to one area. ¬†If the hairstyle is elaborate and has a lot of folds and bends, less is more.
  • If your hair is being pinned up, no washing the hair 1/2 days before. ¬†This is so important as the pins in the hairstyle will slide out on smooth, newly-washed hair. ¬†Your hair will not be ruined by not washing it for one day but your hairstyle will.


By Paula Barker,

More on natural wedding hair in “Dreadlocks: ¬†A Hairstylist’s Manifest


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