When you start a business or get a job you begin with excitement and hope

but what are some workplace challenges you may encounter?  The textbooks do not tell you that most of what you learn in school almost never happens that way in real life.  In a salon for example, someone who wants a blond colour will show up with hair they coloured black for quite a few years.  They expect to be Gwen Stephanie blond the same day too!

People or new students often ask what are some workplace challenges that one might encounter

in the salon:

  • Sometimes  people come with unrealistic expectations that you have to gently explain e.g. going from black to blond in one day is not good for your hair.  In fact, the blond you want is probably not going to happen.
  • Some who consider vocational work as not on par with their desk jobs, and treat you accordingly.  Develop a thick skin.

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  • Time management is key whether you work for yourself or at a job.  When you run behind in the salon,
  • it can add an extra hour to your work.   I keep up because I managed office appointments before.  Many hairstylists learn this on the job or suffer.
  • You learn to deal with various personalities.  Boy, have I learned to never assume you know what someone is like.
  • Working for yourself gives you a better outlook on people’s behaviour in certain situations because you see so much.

Is it only me that finds in the last two years many people cannot plan their lives anymore?  They have little control over their schedules and can confirm and cancel, completely reorganizing your day, in a day.  They are overwhelmed trying to keep a job and so it’s good to understand what are some workplace challenges.