While checking when hair salons will be allowed to open, I found there was 

so much fear mongering in the news, I thought, what are the most common phobias now?  I was blown away by the list of phobias (the whole alphabet!) and the number of them that this quarantine has created in people.  You can see what it is causing by just observing social media.


“Phobia” is an intense and irrational fear of a specific situation, person, object or activity. This is my

list of what are the most common phobias now; how the quarantine has forced us to overcome them or going forward, we know some of us will have to start changing.


For those forced to work from home and going outside: 

  • Telephonophobia     – fear of making or taking phone calls
  • Cyberphobia            – fear of computers or working on one (line ups at the bank, about that online thing…)
  • Obesophobia           – fear of gaining weight (the fridge is right there and no one is checking)
  • Hypochondria           – fear of illness
  • Febriphobia              – Fear of fever
  • Koinoniphobia          – Fear of rooms full of people, (party?  not right now, thanks)
  • Chirophobia              – Fear of  hands
  • Aphenphosmphobia – Fear of being touched (hugs are virtual people, wave a hand or something)
  • Mysophobia              – Fear of dirt or germs
  • Sternutaphobia         – Fear of sneezing (esp. in public)

Hairstylists and estheticians are hoping despite being out of work people get these phobias:

  • Cacophobia               – Fear of ugliness
  • Atelophobia               – Fear of Imperfection
  • Trichophobia             – Fear of hair

Of course, the millennial-era fear was:

 Nomophobia              – Fear of being without a phone!


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There was quite a list, so this is a short version of what are the most common phobias now..  Most of these were caused by lack of information on what is happening, but time and being careful will eventually change.  


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design