If you have become that woman of a certain age who has 

joined the grey hair battle, you might be having some issues deciding what colour is African American hair naturally.  These pesky greys love being the centre of attention, so they mostly, conveniently arrive first at the front. You are tasked with covering them almost weekly, or if you are lucky every six weeks.  No woman likes to see unexpected signs of age and colour has been a popular way to avoid this.


Most people of African American descent have dark hair but we have other shades depending on your

genetics.  This dark hair leads most people to assume that they have black hair but what colour is African American hair naturally?.  If you paid closer attention, you would notice that the colour is more a darker brown and not black. Very few have a black hair colour but should they see grey, this is the colour they immediately go for.


When you are younger, you can definitely get away with colouring your hair black as the skin is shining with the effects of youth.  When you get older, however, the skin’s colour changes and now the darker colour makes your age stand out. This is when it is best to go for your natural darkest brown so the contrast is not so striking.  You could even be better off going for a dark brown as it is more flattering to the skin.


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It is natural to fight the effects of aging and strive to appear as youthful for as long as possible.  Clothing, hair styles and remaining active all tie in with your hair colour in maintaining a natural look. If you are not able to figure out what colour suits you at this stage, get a consultation with a professional stylist.  If you live by the box, careful examination should help you figure out what colour is African American hair naturally.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design