Many people ask what their dreadlocks will cost but this is a difficult question to answer.  Estimating how much it will cost to  make dreads  is based on the following:
  • how long your hair is
  • how much time it will take to do
  • your hair density or thickness
  • method used
  • cost

How long the hair is

The length of the hair increases the time because the texture, e.g. curly or straight changes the method used.   Chin length is the best start on straight or mixed textured hair and at 3-4 inches on super curly hair.

How much time it will take to do

I have been doing dreads since 1997 and until I actually do your head, I still cannot say exactly how long it will take.  Making dreads can take a whole day depending on the length.  Faux locks are the most time consuming.  Twists for curly hair usually take less time, unless it has a mixed texture, then I have to use the back-comb method as with straight hair.

Your hair density or thickness

If you have thick straight or mix-textured  hair, it takes more time to make dreads.  If your hair is super curly, the first time appointment will be short.  All appointments after that will take longer

Method Used

On straight or mix-textured hair, I use the backcombing method.  For super curly hair I use comb twists.  I prefer these because It gives me more control on the finished look.


Stylists use either a ballpark figure or an hourly rate.  I use the hourly rate because sometimes the time I estimated can go past and clients like to pay what they were told.

I advise people who are considering dreads, think of it as any regular hairdo. You will have to have it maintained by someone if you are unable to do it yourself. ¬†This means putting aside money in your budget. ¬†Many people are surprised that it is not a one-time cost. ¬†Nice dreads need care too. ¬†Please buy my e-book “Dreadlocks: ¬†A Hairstylist’s Manifest” for more information on getting dreads.

Paula Barker